What is Degenerate Space?


Degenerate Space is an arts collective which makes site-specific, participatory performance and installation work around issues of place, architecture, environment and identity. We aim to educate through participation and bring marginalised perspectives to the fore. Our projects have been created collaboratively through extensive research and development.


In the past we have worked in politically and socially fraught contexts, such as areas of controversial regeneration schemes and contested land use, in order to counteract the false narratives, ignorance, and assumptions that characterise sites as needing ‘intervention’ by showcasing the strong personal, historical and collective identities they really hold through art and participation. In the current climate of austerity and post-Brexit rhetoric, we are eager to engender large scale public access to the expressions of people and places that are at risk of being misrepresented, making their detailed and multiple identities widely known.


To date, we have been completely self-funded and organised, which despite being challenging, has allowed us to work with integrity and freedom.